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Who We Are

A family-owned and run enterprise, Paradise Arabians has been successfully raising, breeding, and showing the oldest horse breed, the Egyptian Arabian, for over a decade.  Through horses sold to admirers on the farthest continents and just down the street, Paradise has attracted international attention while remaining hidden away in the rolling, rural hills of Georgia.  Owners Gary and Wanda Kenworthy live and work on their farm, with assistance from their son and daughter-in-law, Matt and Misty.  Together, they care for 103 of the less than 6,000 Egyptian Arabians alive today.  They unite around a common mission: to breed beautiful, successful horses and to take clients along to share in their success.  It's a magical place whose essence can only be fully appreciated by traveling down the one-lane driveway, smelling the country air, sinking into the green grass of the pastures, and experiencing the captivating presence of an Egyptian Arabian horse.